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Why ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil ignored a shareholder vote calling on the company to set greenhouse gas reduction targets.

Exxposing the Truth

ExxonMobil is taking our nation backward on energy policy and keeping you addicted to oil.

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Read ExxonMobil Exxposed:The report that shows why public interest groups are joining together to Exxpose Exxon.

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Change ExxonMobil From The Inside


Exxpose Exxon coalition encourages people looking to invest to choose a more environmentally-conscious company to invest in than ExxonMobil. But if you already have ExxonMobil stock, use your shares to change the company's bad practices. Shareholder activism can be a very powerful tool for corporate change.

Campaign ExxonMobil

Campaign ExxonMobil is a shareholder campaign to convince ExxonMobil to take a responsible position on climate change. Campaign ExxonMobil was founded by faith and environmental groups, and works with institutional investors, corporate governance activists and financial analysts to highlight the financial risks of ExxonMobil's current position.

Confronting Companies Using Shareholder Power: A Handbook on Socially-Oriented Shareholder Activism

This handbook is written for socially-conscious or mission-based investors who recognize their obligation to exercise ownership responsibility in the companies they hold. It is intended to assist investors who have long-term commitment to social issues and who are committed to using shareholder activism tools in a prudent and responsible manner. This guide can also inform public interest groups, who often serve as technical experts for shareholder activists, on the shareholder resolution process. (Provided by Friends of the Earth.)

Exxpose Exxon uses the annual meeting to deliver its message directly to the company, board, shareholders, and the general public by holding demonstrations and urging shareholders to use their votes to steer the company in the right direction.  Our actions at the 2007 Exxon shareholders meeting were a great success. (See the photos.) Thanks to hundreds Exxpose Exxon activists who donated their proxies, Exxpose Exxon campaign director Shawnee Hoover attended the 2007 shareholders meeting along with fifteen Exxpose Exxon activists. We delivered a speech urging Exxon to stop funding groups that deny the science and urgency of global warming. (Read Shawnee's report of the meeting.) Our efforts helped increase shareholder pressure on the company to end its disinformation campaign on global warming. Exxpose Exxon was quoted in The Washington Post, The New York Times, USA Today, Reuters, and others.  At the 2006 shareholders meeting, our efforts were again covered in mainstream media across the country. Moreover, we succeeded in getting the mainstream press to specifically ask the company, for the first time in history, about its funding of global warming denier groups. Since then, the company has been repeatedly confronted on the issue by the public, scientists and policy makers alike and is beginning to budge!

We encourage you not to work for ExxonMobil and use your talents to serve a more forward-looking, environmentally conscious employer. ExxonMobil is making a big push to recruit on campuses. Working for ExxonMobil won't help graduates further their careers as we enter the coming decades of alternative energy and a carbon-constrained environment. However, if you already work for ExxonMobil and are concerned about its current course of action, email us at info@exxposeexxon.com and we'll suggest ways you might express your concerns without risking your job.

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